Verdun 76/866885 - 01/866885


What type of treatments do you offer ?

At the Spine Care Centre, non-operative care is often the first course of treatment. Our treatment depends on machines suitable for each condition

How many sessions should be applied to start feeling better ?

Number of sessions depends on each condition, but the minimum starts from five sessions and above.

Does these sessions include pain ?

All our programs are pain free, you will feel relaxed and better while doing any of our treatments.

Do you have a special care for athletes ?

Everything you need to train for your sport! Our training programs include speed, strength, power & conditioning sessions designed specifically for your sport!

What age are these treatments and programs for ?

Our treatments and programs are specialized for all ages, from a child to an old person.

Do my examinations and X-rays done recently help diagnose my condition ?

Yes, they will help getting a brief overview about your condition.

Are the treatments and programs covered by insurance or NSSF ?

No, but we can provide a receipt and you can try to get the money back.

Do you have any offers for patients coming from outside lebaonon ?

We can offer accommodations near the centre with lower prices.